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For those of you with an interest in Wolves, Wolf Type dogs, Wolf Hybrid dogs or Wolf Look A Like dogs, look no further! This is the site for you.

Wolf, Wolves, Northern Inuit Dog,  Wolf Type Dog Our beautiful Olderhill Alpha Snowdriffter

By comparing pictures of wild wolves and our Northern Inuit dogs you can see the amazing likeness we have achieved already with our long term breeding program. The Northern Inuit dog is not a Wolf Hybrid, but a 'Wolf Look A Like' or 'Wolf Type' dog. We have been breeding the Northern Inuit / Wolf Type dog for over ten years and have puppies available throughout the year. We also provide kennelling for your dogs while you take your holidays, and provide essential rescue dog services for all breeds in the Lincolnshire and surrounding areas; please see out rescue page

Wolf, Wolves, Northern Inuit Dog,  Wolf Type Dog Wolf, Wolves, Northern Inuit Dog,  Wolf Type Dog
Shadow of Olderhill(Taz) Olderhill Alpha Snowdriffter(Breeze)

Puppies Ready Now - Full pedigree, registered. 1st vaccination, and microchipped. Sire and Dam can be seen. Please mail or phone 01778 440117 for more details

We are always willing to take bookings for new puppies. Please call (01778) 440117 to find out what we have available.

Wolf, Wolves, Northern Inuit Dog,  Wolf Type Dog

Introduction from Alan & Penny - Blackhouse Farm

We have worked and owned dogs all our lives, Penny has bred the famous Olderhill German Shepherd Dog working line to the highest standard and has competed and judged nationally.

Penny was granted the Olderhill Affix by the Kennel club in 1986, her superb dog 'Olderhill Black Wellie' qualified for Crufts for life purely on his working ability. Gaining CD excellent, UD excellent, WD excellent, and TD excellent he has long been regarded as an important dog to improve blood lines.

Wolf, Wolves, Northern Inuit Dog,  Wolf Type Dog

Penny has also worked in Sussex as an individual dog trainer and dog behaviourist.

Alan has owned a rescue centre for dogs in Sussex and professionally trained greyhounds for a number of years achieving success at all levels.

After moving to Lincolnshire in the 90's we have been running the Blackhouse Farm kennels, expanding and improving each year, we are now committed to providing quality kenneling and breeding dogs to the highest standard.

We worked with the R.S.P.C.A. for years kenneling many high profile cruelty cases and helping dogs with special needs.

Wolf, Wolves, Northern Inuit Dog,  Wolf Type Dog

We now concentrate on providing pet kenneling and breeding German Shepherd and Northern Inuit dogs.

The Blackhouse Farm rescue kennels are an additional part of the establishment taking dogs in as strays and also re-homing unwanted dogs. We hold the Environmental Health Agency Contract for taking strays and unwanted dogs in our area. For more information on our rescue services please click the Rescue link.

We have had a love for the Wolf Type dog after meeting a superb Hybrid in Sussex many years ago and were most excited when we acquired our first Northern Inuit dogs in 1999.  From that day we have continued to breed this beautiful Wolf Type dog carefully and selectively.

Our aim is to breed dogs of good quality to the highest standard. If you would like to visit the Kennels to meet the dogs and inspect the facilities please feel free to contact us to make an appointment.

Wolf, Wolves, Northern Inuit Dog,  Wolf Type Dog

Wolf Dog Information

We specialise in the breeding of top quality Northern Inuit Dogs.

We have owned and bred Northern Inuit or Wolf Type dogs for many years and have successfully produced many outstanding litters.  Every effort is taken to ensure quality in our healthy puppies.

All our own breeding stock go through a thorough health check which includes hip X-Rays.  We are one of the few breeders that go to this extent.  We go to these extremes to ensure that the quality of the respected Olderhill Northern Inuit line continues.

We aim to continue the improvement and standardisation that this beloved breed deserves, building on the fantastic temperament, colour, size and confirmation of this dog.

Olderhill Alpha Sorrel

Wolf, Wolves, Northern Inuit Dog,  Wolf Type Dog
A good quality Northern Inuit dog is a joy to be seen, a fun loving family oriented dog.

The Northern Inuit dog will usually mix well with other family pets because they are friendly and love companionship, they will rarely argue.  They make great family members as they will bond with the entire family and love to be included in everything that the family does.

They get on well with children and are willing to play or curl up next to you on the sofa and sleep.  Anyone that is privileged to own a Northern Inuit will know what a loving and caring companion they are.

The breed are not over active, they require medium exercise.  They will moult twice a year but regular brushing will keep their coat in good condition.

With their incredible sense of smell, and a willingness to please the future of the Northern Inuit dogs looks bright and could provide future services such as search and rescue dogs, Guide dogs for the blind, Hearing dogs for the deaf, PAT dogs, Assistance dogs for the disabled or as the pride and joy of families as their loyal pet.

Olderhill Alpha Dream Seeker

Wolf, Wolves, Northern Inuit Dog,  Wolf Type Dog
The Northern Inuit dog should not be classed as a guard dog.

The Northern Inuit dog should be considered for the love and companionship it can provide to a family, the breed are more likely to greet a new visitor as a long lost friend rather that an intruder.


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